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Hot Wheels!

So, what were you driving in 1962...your Dad's rambler? Email a picture of your first car to the Site Administrator to post here, along with identification and any remarks. If you can't scan the picture in, mail it to Randy Ikerman and we'll do it for you and return the photo afterwards.

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 1949 Ford  

Ok, I'll start it off...well, this isn't the actual one, but a picture of one just like it. A beautiful 1949 Studebaker Champion Starlite, purchased right off a lot on Broadway for an astounding $100. I guess the fact that both the brake and clutch pedals went straight to the floor might have had something to do with the price. It was initially a forest green and rust. Later, I painted it what was supposed to be candy-apple red...but, I don't think I made a good choice on the undercoat, leaving it more of a maroon or something. The right suspension was shot and it leaned about 4 or 5 inches. But, if you picked it up by the fender, it would stay level...that is, until you moved it. Anyone that ever rode with me in the rain would probably remember operating the windshield wipers by pulling a string back and forth that was attached to the wipers and run inside. -- Randy Ikerman

It was a 1960 Rambler American and was the closest thing to a new car our family had ever had. We inherited it when my mother's father died. I don't remember who that is in the photo with the car (sic) but isn't she cute? -- Ken Orton.

Send us the picture of your car earliest car to put here!

Send us the picture of your car earliest car to put here!


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