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More Pictures Friday Saturday Images of '62

Kenny Orton(fl), Diane Blackwood(mr)

Jim Heidelberg(l), Liz Kerr(r)

Neil Van Stavern(ml), Maurice Anderson(mr), Jack Downing(fr)

Bill Newcomb, Carol Pape, Milton Beck

Barbara Sasse(ml), Liz Kerr(mr)

Patsy Puckett, Bill Rathke

Norman Bielss(fl), Nancy Nach(mr), Larry Kearns(fr)

Artie Sue Lang(fl), Kenny Orton(mr)

George Charlson(l)

Lynette Billie(fl), Barbara Sasse(ml), Diane Blackwood(mr), Sharon Brannen(fr)

Ted Sellars, Sonja Ikerman

Vernell Pape(fl), Carolyn Marsh(mr)

Ted Sellers(ml), John Taglieri(mr)

Mildred Hart

Jim Burk(m), Milton Beck(r)

Peggy Huber

Carolyn Isom(r)

Patsy Puckett(l), Bill Holloway(m), Cecelia Kieffer(r)

Neil Van Stavern

Susie Huber

Carla Marshall

Patsy Puckett(m), Maurice Anderson(r)

Artie Sue Lang(r)

Charlie Stough(l), Sharron Brannen(r)

Sandi Eason(f), Carolyn Isom(b)

Carolyn Isom(l), Carol Pape(m)

Carolyn Marsh

Bob Towery

Diane Blackwood(l), Lynette Billie(r)

Randy Ikerman & Sonja

More Pictures Friday Saturday Images of '62


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